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"The Minecraft of CCGs"

'SoulWars in a nutshell'

 Lionheart GameDesign Debut Game

Vision Statement for SoulWars: The Reckoning

"Picture an epic Strategic CCG hybrid bringing the best of systems and inspired from titles like MTG, Duelyst, Divine Divinity and modern mobile games. Going for great gameplay and truly tactical, exciting direction with minimal pay to win mechanics; we decided to come together to make a game that can be enjoyed not only by casuals, enthusiasts and the hardcore strategic masters where skill, tactics and efficient card play paves the way for victory- not money!"

"Anything is Possible with unlimited Potential!"

SoulWars: The Reckoning is a truly unique turn-based CCG that combines tactical & lasting RPG elements in a game where you play as a Divine. 


Ally yourself with legendary Demigods & Champions of your choice, level up to possess unique skills; complementing players' unique strategies with other units, spells and more in a deck. Battlefields can be manipulated with traps, elements and more to be combo-ed in exciting ways with your cards never seen before in a CCG!

Units, Destiny and Spells are universal-they are not locked to any faction or 'color': presenting a wonderful freedom in CCG mechanics that allows players to build and theorycraft with many interesting and crazy builds as they see fit to crush the other Divines!

"Imagine MTG with a dash of Duelyst on steroids."

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The world of  Aethereal is a clash of all mythos and imagination- in this world, there are many mysterious beings called Divines which have traveled across space and time to this realm. Legend has it that the Divine that acquires the most SoulDust will not only be the ultimate ruler of Aethereal but also become the Master of the entire Galaxy- The One and Only True Divine, rewarded to craft the new galaxy.


You are one such Divine, possessing unimaginable powers and wisdom beyond comprehension- but you are weakened just like the others in this strange new realm, filled with many wonders and creatures you have never seen. However you have the last remaining vestige to call upon the Ascended beings known as Demigods, recruit mortal Champions who chase after Ascension and unique Units to serve you, along with a myriad of spells, cunning and wisdom to overcome the other Divines.



Battles take place in exciting hand-drawn and beautiful environments and is based on a 9 tile grid arena. Players get a soul point every turn to spend on bringing their powerful arsenal of Units, Spells, Destiny cards and Divine Intervention cards from their chosen deities in the arena, in an attempt to destroy the opponent's Altar and champions to win the game.


Units can move and/or attack during a turn and have their own unique abilities to bring to the table, much like traditional TCG origins. Traps can be laid and spells can be used to push or pull enemies around, or affect the battlefield in a larger way. This tactical element is one of our USPs.


Imagine MTG with a dash of Duelyst on steroids. Matches can last anywhere from 5 mins to 10 for a casual PVP or longer in extended formats up to 20 mins. Players and battles will be rewarded for their skill and flourish in battle, such as Twist of Fate, Overrun, True Grit etc achievements that reward additional soul points, based on the gameplay, time lasted and victory conditions.


*Artwork shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the final result.

Key Features (Inc wishlist)

Version 0.1

• The ultimate CCG, Tactical and RPG experience to come to the Mobile and PC realm, Multiplayer.

• No 'color’ or faction-limited plays. Unlimited imagination. Play how you like it, how you want it.

• Demigods and Champions that players can acquire and play in the arena, gain experience and Level up. 

Reckoning Battles take place in exciting hand-drawn and beautiful environments and is based on a 9 Tile Grid arena.

Summon powerful Spells, Destiny cards and Divine Intervention cards that change the tide of battle!

Beautifully illustrated Card Art  in Eastern & Western fusion Fantasy art by Wacom Master Artist Dreadjim and other guest artists!

Transform Cards into beautifully animated, living units and effects on the battlefield!

Develop your Unique playstyle with unique Demigods 'faith' cards and champions with exclusive skills to destroy the other Divines!

Player Trading House and Soul System to craft your dream cards.

Play & witness your favourite cards

TRANSFORM into living, breathing and beautifully animated units on the Reckoning Battlefield!


anatomy of a Deck

Demigod cards

Align with up to

8(12)* demigods

with their unique blessings and own set of divine intervention cards that can turn the tide of battles!

*To be confirmed after kickstarter

Spell cards

Fulfil your fate as a divine as you  seek out remnants of your true potential to command elemental magicks and other god-like powers to blast and obliterate your enemies to smithereens!

Unit cards

Conquer the opposing forces with a well balanced team of units complementing your strategy...or just mix and match to Confuse the enemy and bluff to win!

Destiny cards

Twist and turn the Reckoning battlefield like a true divine would! destiny cards are powerful global enchantment cards that stay throughout the games til destroyed.

Champion cards

Command your champion in battle with their special skills to outwit, outlast and outplay the opponent!

Build your deck around champions or just have them as a strong unit card!

Divine Intervention cards

Lastly, shock and win the game in a twist of fate with divine intervention cards tied to the demigods aligned to you-  exclusive and can only be played once a match at the crucial moment and score a mighty comeback!



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