Demigods are beings of power from different origins. They have ascended beyond the mortal veil and are called many names and also worshiped by the lesser mortals. As a Divine, You will use them as your allies and support for control of Aethereal!

Legendary Demigod. Luminos

Luminos is also known as the Dryad of the Verdant Seas, Mother of Creatures amongst other names. It appears as an Elven woman with glowing power and luminous hair the color of infinite nature power.

SSR Demigod. Arias

Arias is the mysterious born being of certain Ancients, half man and half lion with an ever burning mane of fire. The ones who worship him calls him the Star of the Night, The Everburning and The Lord of Wrath.

SSR Demigod. Darkos

The One rumored to be offspring of the Fallen, Darkos the Night Angel is a demigod of ancient origins- said to be descended of the Nephilim but whom have ascended beyond the mortal veil.

Possess the blessings of the Night Shepard to awaken those freshly slain or ancient ones to overcome your enemy.


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