Champions are powerful mortals or beings of Aethereal.

They come in all shapes and sizes of various origins and species. They are the avatars of their people and possess tremendous powers and strengths and vision.

SSR Champion. The Succubus Queen

The Purple Succubus is a self sustaining champion capable of unleashing devious attacks and force the opponent to lose their hand, granting a bitter defeat to the Manipulator.

SR Champion. The Barbarian Queen.

Wildfrey is an iron ball of power and pure rage who can lock down key units at pivotal moments. Her ultimate skill is to increase her own prowess with War Frenzy, injuring herself but bolstering pure attack power at the right time to crush the enemy.

Legendary Champion. The Tyrant.

The Tyrant grows bigger and larger over time if left unchecked, becoming a powerful being rivaling even the demigods themselves. In late game the Tyrant can unleash powerful unit and Divine sundering blasts, securing the game in a twist of fate.

SRR Champion. Shiba Samurai

The White Shibalord hails from the feudal lands of Ropon, bringing a level of prestige and flexibility unmatched by its peers. A powerful general able to call on reinforcements as well as to provide a last breath of life to the Divine, Shogun is a tremendous champion to call on in times of need.

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